i consider myself lucky...

to have grown up on the Mendocino coast of northern california.  The towns, villages and Hamlets of the Mendocino area are home to a community of master craftsmen.  the woodworkers, the Artists, the chefs, coffee roasters, carpenters, and musicians all exhibit a quiet pride in the work they produce and place they are from. i grew up knowing them and watching them, and can tell you that  Their Artistry lives well beyond the threshold of any gallery. 

in 2000, i graduated from Humboldt state university in Arcata, California, earning a degree in art with an emphasis in lithography.  After school, i traveled the world for several years and eventually landed back home where i framed art professionally under the expert tutelage of robyn koski.  Robyn shared with me her knowledge of color, design, and the 'Zen' in reworking a project until satisfied.

in 2007, i moved back to arcata and found employment among the master craftsmen and women of lamps by hilliard.  for ten years, i honed my technique as a stained glass artisan creating luxury lighting fixtures.

in 2012, i became one of the founding members of the trinidad art gallery.  since then, i have been exploring design using traditional stained glass and fusing techniques.

it is my pleasure to share my work with you....

to see my latest designs in person, please visit the trinidad art gallery in trinidad, ca, and Arcata Artisans on the plaza in Arcata, Ca.